***Important FIBKA message to all Association members ***

To All Association Secretaries, Please forward to all your members

You might be aware that Congress 2017 was not concluded on 26th August, and consequently was re-convened on 16th September. This was necessary in order to complete essential outstanding business: the setting of a capitation fee for 2018, and the closing of Congress.

Following a short welcome address by Tom Shaw, the first item on the Agenda was the election of a Chair. Two nominations were put from the floor: Eamonn Tubman and Michael Woulfe. Michael thanked his nominator, but respectfully declined. No further nominations being made, Eamonn Tubman took the Chair.

Following a secret ballot of the 147 voting delegates present, a capitation fee of €48 was adopted (proposals of €38 and €30 having been rejected).

Congress was then closed, and the Executive Council as elected on 26th August took up office, in accordance with Article 27 of the Constitution.

The first meeting of the newly-elected Executive  took place immediately following the close of Congress, in order to deal with routine business that had been put on hold since 26th August. The second meeting is scheduled for Saturday 7th October

. During the intervening 3 weeks, all Executive Council members will individually consider their positions, and indicate to the Executive at that meeting their intentions regarding remaining in office or tendering resignation. 


In accordance with Article 27 of the Constitution, all Executive positions will automatically fall vacant at Congress 2018. As always, Associations are urged to nominate candidates for all positions, and the nomination of new candidates is especially encouraged.

None of the above precludes the invocation of Article 12 of the Constitution at any point.

In recent weeks, concern has been expressed by some members regarding insurance. A summary account of the cover provided will be compiled and circulated to all Secretaries. Meanwhile, please note that there has been no reduction in cover from the previous policy, and that insurance is in place for paid-up members to 31st December 2018

As many Associations will be holding their AGM in the coming weeks, please note that in order to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force on 25th May 2018, a standardised membership form has been designed and will be made available to all Association Secretaries. The membership form must be completed by all members each year, giving specific permission (or not) for the use of your personal data. Please co-operate with your Association Secretary in completing the Membership form, which will not be returned to FIBKA. 
Association Secretaries will be required to indicate whether their members have given consent, on the standardised Excel membership sheet to be returned to FIBKA . 

2018 memberships cannot be accepted unless these procedures are followed. 

Additional Family Membership, for members residing at the same address as a Full Member, will continue to be available. The fee for Additional Family Members in 2018 will be €25.  Additional Family Members enjoy all of the benefits of Full Membership except that they do not receive an individual copy of An Beachaire. 


Yours sincerely,

Tom Shaw

Hon Secretary

FIBKA Executive Council

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